“Good wine is like a beautiful woman, she can wear any dress and always be charming. But with a high fashion dress it becomes irresistible ”.

Deciding which bottle of wine to drink can be challenging.

Some people know what they want and prefer a wine from a specific grape or region.

Some like only fresh white wines, while others prefer a red rich in tannins. However, most of us may not be so knowledgeable on this topic and when choosing a bottle of wine as a gift or for a dinner, they do so mainly based on the label or image it represents.

A survey conducted by wine.net in 2016 reveals that most consumers choose a wine based on the label. This is not surprising at all: a label can say a lot about a wine, for example it can make it look very expensive (even if it isn’t), fresh, modern or allude to a certain taste. The consumption of wine around the world is constantly increasing. In 2018, the total estimated volume of wine produced was around 292.3 million hectoliters globally. Small wineries and environmentally produced natural wines are becoming more and more popular, as a result of increasing purchases in shops and supermarkets. A winegrower will want to stand out in order to capture the consumer’s attention, but also present their wine in the best possible way, tell a story and, above all, make them want to try it.

Designing a designer for a bottle with images, contemporary characters, abstract designs and colors or asymmetrical shapes will certainly attract the attention of wine lovers. It can be really unexpected and is a great way to introduce consumers to a new wine or modernize a well-known wine brand.

Although most of the wineries in Italy use very classic labels, this new producer is shaking up the market with its modern designer.

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